Park Home Insurance

Cover for Park Home insurance can be difficult to obtain and can require the services of a specialist insurer, therefore Quote Monkey has created a Park Home insurance policy with free online quotations for your Park Home insurance. The cover includes a wide range of benefits and automatically covers the Park Home itself as well as the contents and property owners insurance.

Most types of Park Homes in the UK can be covered from brand new homes to older Park Homes, with a wide selection of insurance covers included as standard for Park Homes including buildings and contents and cover for items taken away from the home as well automatic property owners insurance and alternative accommodation.

Cover included in our Park Home Insurance

Park Home Insurance main covers

Park Home buildings insurance

This insurance provides cover for the Park Home structure and usually includes cover for: fire, theft, storm, flood, lightning, explosion and impact. This insurance also includes accidental damage insurance for the buildings as standard.

Park Home contents insurance

This insurance provides cover for the Park Home contents and usually includes cover for fire and theft amongst a range of other benefits. This insurance also includes accidental damage insurance for the contents as standard.

Park Home accidental damage insurance

Accidental damage provides cover for damage caused by accidents to Park Home buildings and contents insurance policies and is included as standard under this park home insurance.

Park Home alternative accommodation insurance

This provides cover for alternative accommodation whilst insured repairs are carried out to the park home if the home is your main residence and is unfit to live in.

Park Home all risks insurance (cover for items taken away from the home)

This provides insurance cover for accidental lose or damage to items taken outside of the Park Home such as jewellery, cameras, sports equipment, pedal cycles and money.

Park Home Legal Expenses cover included as standard

This policy also includes Legal Expenses as standard which can provided cover for a range of legal incidents including employment law and property disputes amongst others.

Park Home Property Owners liability insurance

This park home policy includes £2 million Property Owners Liability Insurance as standard.