How It Works

Many specialist insurers operate schemes and policies that are unique to themselves with covers and rates specifically designed to meet  individual needs.  Quote Monkey enables you the customer to receive quotes directly from specialist insurers and brokers who can provide the cover that you are looking for.

This service is free to use and we will only pass your information to insurers that specialise in the type of insurance you require. All insurers are regulated by the FSA.

The range of policies and products available has been specifically designed to cover your  needs whether its because your property is of an unusual construction or you require cover that does not fall into what most insurers consider the norm.

We have access to Personal and Commercial Insurance as well as Life Insurers and Independent Financial Advisors.
How To Get Quotes

Simply enter your details on the contact form and we will do the rest, it’s as easy as that. Many of the insurers/brokers will need to discuss your unique requirements to enable them to provide accurate quotations, therefore we will only pass them your contact details and let them collect any other required information directly from you.

Please complete the contact form noting whether you wish to be contacted by email or telephone.

Information For Scheme Brokers

If you would like details about adding your schemes to our list please send us an email with brief details about your scheme.  

If the type of scheme isn't listed don’t worry as we are  looking to expand our directory of schemes.