The Mobile Homes Act 1983 made important changes in the way the law applies to mobile home sites. The Act applies to privately owned licensed sites, and to sites owned by local authorities. The Act, which replaces sections 1 to 6 of the Mobile Homes Act 1975, came into force on 20 May 1983. It introduced important new rules about security of tenure, the sale of mobile homes and other details of agreements between site owners and residents. If you are a resident on a mobile home* site, or if you own a mobile home site, this booklet may apply to you.

It appears in the series of housing booklets produced jointly by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Office of the National Assembly for Wales. This booklet has also been produced jointly with the Scottish Executive Development Department. The housing booklets are free from rent offices, Citizens Advice Bureaux, housing aid centres and local authorities.

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You may find the following policy documents and guidelines useful.  Although they provide broad explanations of some of the covers usually available within a park home insurance policy, please discuss with your insurance provider to ensure you have the correct cover.

R K Shipman have kindly supplied example park home insurance policy wording.  To view this policy document click here.

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